Welcome to the EAAA website

The official website of the European Association for Asian Art and Archaeology (EAAA).

European Association for Asian Art and Archaeology is the main academic society for Asian art and archaeology in Europe. It is an international, voluntary, independent, non-governmental and non-profit academic organisation representing professional art historians, archaeologists, researchers, students and anyone interested in Asian art and archaeology from across Europe and beyond.

The main aim of the Association is to encourage and promote all academic and scholarly activities related to Asian art and archaeology in European countries. More specifically, the Association will seek to establish and maintain a platform for the fruitful exchange of ideas, create a forum for dialogue among scholars of Asian art history and archaeology, and provide a setting for the presentation and discussion of new and recent research. Its main activities will include: the organisation of regular biennial conferences, thematic conferences, workshops, symposia, study events, and lectures. The Association will also actively seek out different ways to support young scholars, promote publications and exhibitions, and disseminate information and resources - of all kinds and in all forms and media - related to Asian art and archaeology.