Exhibition: Indian miniature paintings from the Ducrot Collection, Museo Diocesano Francesco Gonzaga, Mantua, Italy, February 14 – April 26, 2015

The Museo Diocesano Francesco Gonzaga in Mantua, Italy, will display a selection of eighty Indian miniature paintings from the prestigious Ducrot Collection, Rome. The exhibition, curated by Isabella Nardi and titled “La Miniatura Indiana: Selezione di Capolavori dalla Collezione Ducrot”, will open on February 14 and run until April 26, 2015. 

Exhibition: Portraits. Chinese Spring Festival in Paris, photographs by Ute Hille, Konfuzius-Institut Düsseldorf, Germany

Ute Hille portrait

The Konfuzius-Institut Düsseldorf presents a photographic exhibition by Ute Hille. The exhibition is a wonderful example of an ever more globalised world - a German photographer photographing Chinese residents of Paris at the celebration of China's most popular festival, the Spring festival or the Chinese New Year.


The photographer focuses on the portraits of the participants of the festival.


Ute Hille is a German photographer, she resides and works in Paris. 


The exhibition will run from February 5 until March 5,  2015.


Exhibition: Buddha. 108 Encounters, Museum Angewandte Kunst, Frankfurt, Germany, 26 February - 07 June 2015

The exhibition will present altogether 108 outstanding examples of Buddhist art, primarily sculptures, from India, China, Tibet, Southeast Asia, Korea and Japan. The main focus will be on the image of the Gautama Buddha, which will be enhanced by other forms of expression prevalent in Buddhist art. A hundred and eight portraits of the Buddha mean a hundred and eight encounters with a visage embodying a human ideal of inward and outward peaceableness.

Exhibition: Heavenly Horses, MAO Torino, Italy, until February 22, 2015

Cavalli Celesti

In the Chinese year of the horse , the MAO presents "Heavenly Horses: Equestrian Depictions in Ancient China", an exhibition that explores one of the key symbols of Chinese culture - the horse, an emblem of nobility, elegance, speed and power - through 45 works of great value. The show will exhibit pieces from the museum's own collection and those from a private collector.

The exhibition is taking place at the Museo d'Arte Orientale (MAO) in Turin, Italy, until February 22, 2015.

Exhibition: Christ in India, Rietberg Museum, Zürich, until March 22, 2015

Christ in India

Christian motifs are very much the exception in Indian painting. This makes them all the more striking as evidence of Indo-European exchange.


The Jesuit delegation that journeyed to the court of Emperor Akbar in 1580 presented the Mughal ruler with an illustrated Bible. Following the usual trade routes, European prints and paintings also found their way to India and there met with great interest among local artists.  


The exhibition will take place at the Rietberg Museum in Zürich, Switzerland, until March 22, 2015.